Lloyd’s Event 2010

Lloyd’s, international leader in the insurance sector has renewed its collaboration with Conte Oggioni Partners.
On the 13th of October framed by the splendid Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, The Lloyd’s Award for Creative Correspondent is to be held. This highly anticipated awards ceremony prizes the best insurance agents and is followed by a spectacular gala dinner. Since 2006, the agency has been partner for Lloyd’s Italia and follows the event identity.
Palazzo Mezzanotte is the historical premises of the Milan stock exchange and is a location of unequalled charm and history. Conte Oggioni Partners signs the concept of the event by playing with a transposition using Lloyd’s trademark colours, blue, magenta and yellow. The old screaming chamber (Sala delle Grida) inside the Palazzo Mezzanotte will host the event. Inside, the interior design will all be masterfully handled by Conte Oggioni & Partners and from that emerges a founding element of the project that will set the stage: two macro elements utilizing coloured LEDs that cyclically change the light and overlapping panels with text and images. The stage design will undoubtedly do more than just act as a frame for the speakers. All surrounding areas will naturally be set up and made functional for the activities taking place during the day. For the gala dinner, tables elegantly set and very well groomed arrangements will greet the hosts.
Next appointment therefore, will be in October, when Conte Oggioni Partners is in the first rows to assure their client of the event’s perfect success. Llyod’s Italia again confirms its collaboration with the Milanese agency: a sign of great esteem and appreciation.



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