Alstom Corporate: The Visual Identity Toolkit is born

Conte Oggioni Partners realizes an instrument without equals in the corporate communications sector: The Visual Identity Toolkit. Alstom, worldwide leader in the energy and transport sector issues the request. The desire of the multinational is to make the visual identity of all the Alstom Power sites in the world uniform, highlight the corporate elements and group together different linguistic and cultural specifications.

Conte Oggioni Partners responds by realizing an ambitious yet complex project: A toolkit containing manuals with guidelines and installation rules, sample materials and samples of the signage to be utilized.

Produced in two versions, Complete and Slim, the toolkit contains information for correctly applying the guidelines in 10 different languages, English and nine languages not using the Latin alphabet.
In parallel, a DVD was created containing, other than the manuals, all the executive templates. To support the project, a web application was developed for the central monitoring of the progress of locally developed projects.
The project was designed for Brand & Communication Managers all over the world and also, thanks to its flexibility, suppliers and Alstom partners.

The entire project uses a simple and direct graphic interface. Its design and composition, unusual for an identity manual, makes it unique and instantly recognizable. The enormous appreciation from both the client and expert figures drove Conte Oggioni Partners to participate in both national and international publicity competitions.



SMART 2013

Alstom Institutional Country Brochure

Milano Design Week 2013

Fuorisalone 2013 – ASUS plays a leading role

KNX Association at Frankfurt for ISH 2013

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